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Aesthetic Experts To See For A Pick-Me-Up
Aesthetic Experts To See For A Pick-Me-Up
Feeling like you've lost your va va voom? London's best aesthetic practitioners might have a trick (or two) up their sleeve to help you feel and look your best.
Dr. Harris

If you want your lips to have a tiny bit more oomph but you’re frightened about them looking “done”, then head to Dr. Harris in his Crouch End clinic. He is renowned for creating the most natural looking lips, perhaps ever, and reassuringly is the UK’s largest single user of Botox and Juvederm. First of all, he’ll assess whether some of the key facial anchor points surrounding your mouth are in fact the culprits – often a cleverly placed bit of filler around the mouth can perk up lips to a surprising degree. If not, he’ll deftly fill them to give you an uber natural result. Don’t believe us? Just check out his before and after shots on instagram.

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Waterhouse Young

We absolutely love WY for their expertly curated mix of treatments – their Hydrafacials are just as good as their PRP, lip work, botox and facial fillers, so you can kill several birds with one stone under their watchful eye. Dr. Paris is our go-to for her light-handed approach – she’s an oral and maxillofacial surgeon so her in-depth understanding of how the face moves means results are sublime. Patients here waltz out of the door looking refreshed rather than fake.

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Dr. Catherine Denning

With an encyclopaedic knowledge of how the face is structured and how it ages thanks to her background in anatomy and surgery (two things we’d love to say all aesthetics experts always possess but know from experience that they sadly don’t), Dr. Denning is a friendly, kind, calming and reassuring presence when it comes to getting any aesthetic work done. Expect her to come up with a staged POA that may involve tiny amounts of filler, botox and skin rejuvenating injections and facials over time. Don’t be surprised too if she suggests a tiny tweak to an area you’ve overlooked –  like your temples – her awareness of where we lose volume and how to underpin the foundations of the face are truly exemplary.

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Phi Clinic

Dr. Tapan Patel has been a London favourite for years thanks to his measured approach and innate ability to balance features and correct asymmetry with subtle tweaks. He’s an artist with filler and botox but there’s no hard sell here – quite the opposite – he favours a gentle approach – and patients tend to be fiercely loyal as a result.

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Dr. Maryam Zamani

Maryam is one of London’s leading Oculoplastic Surgeons, so if you think you’re looking tired or are considering having anything done to your eye area, then the place to head to is here. Once in her perennially stylish company, she’ll offer you a tailor-made treatment plan – sometimes involving surgery but only if it’s really needed – and more likely a host of expert tweaks to refresh the eye area and keep her own surgeon’s knife at bay. She doesn’t stop at eyes either – botox, facial filler and Profhilo are all part of her arsenal too.

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