Waterhouse Young Clinic

Central London


Destino Says...

Renowned plastic surgeon Norman Waterhouse founded Waterhouse Young Clinic after seeing the need for an expert-led skin clinic to tackle concerns that don’t warrant surgery.

Perched at the very top of a townhouse in London’s medical area, Waterhouse Young Clinic has four light-filled treatment rooms, where a small team of experts offer a broad range of medical facials, aesthetic treatments and proven alternative therapies (for example, they’re the only clinic in the UK to offer the ground-breaking, pain-relieving SEQEX and Dr. Paris is brilliant at Bioidentical Hormone Therapy). The team is small, so depending on your concern, you might end up seeing more than one of them – we particularly love the aforementioned and completely brilliant Dr. Paris for her imperceptible aesthetic work and Cosmetic Acupuncturist and facial whizz Anna Silsby.

Importantly (and unlike many other skin clinics we’ve frequented in London), all of the specialists here look incredible but natural, which is testament to their high level of skill – once they’ve finished with you, you’ll look renewed but never ever “done”.


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