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Stateside’s love affair with spinning (and in particular SoulCycle) has garnered an equal amount of love thanks in part to Psycle. Forty-five minute classes take part in nightclub-lit, music-pumping studios. Teachers here are part life-coach motivators – “feel the day’s stresses leave you. You are in control of everything you want to achieve” – and part army-esque punishers who crank up the pressure on each track (but they do at least have to do the full class too on a stage at the front).

The pace at Psycle, particularly in pre or post work sessions borders on the frenetic (even in the changing rooms, it’s a bun-fight for lockers and showers, although they do have the saving grace of Ila toiletries and GHD dryers). While this can feel stress-inducing at first there’s an energy that you can’t help but catch.

Class styles are dependent on the teacher – each of whom works to different playlists and slightly different rhythms, so it’s worth trying a few in order to find your personal favourite. Designed to work your entire body, routines mix in hand weights and press up-type movements on the handlebars to ensure that every muscle group gets fair attention. It’s an endurance but Psycle’s signature 45 minute classes go surprisingly quickly (they do 60 and 90 minute versions if you’re feeling particularly keen) and the achievement high that you get from the pace, noise and sweat is unsurpassed.  They also offer Barre, Yoga and Strength classes too, which are getting good reviews from regulars.


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