Third Space

Central, East & South London


Destino Says...

The original Third Space in Soho was one of the pioneers of holistic, luxury members clubs. Renowned for their high-tech gadgets you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s their cutting-edge equipment (like high-altitude hypoxic chambers and ozone treated pools) that sets them apart.

In fact, in our view, it’s their in-depth analysis – at Third Space, there’s no such thing as an “induction” where you’re quickly whizzed past the gym equipment on offer. Here, you get a detailed movement test to see where any imbalances or weaknesses lie (if discovered, you can have them seen to by one of the excellent resident physios) before a full biometric body scan gives a clear road map of what areas you need to work on and why.

A favourite with royalty (Prince Harry used to train there before his US move) along with several high-profile sports stars, they now have locations across town, with aggressive expansion plans for further locations.


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