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August’s Best New Destinations And Treatments
August’s Best New Destinations And Treatments
The shifting seasons often herald in not just a change in weather, but a fresh wave of innovative wellness and beauty offerings. This August is no exception, with an array of new establishments and treatments. From exclusive wellness experiences to revolutionary beauty treatments, let's journey through August's new destinations and treatments.
Psycle Opens New Studio in Victoria

The Opening: This month has seen the highly anticipated launch of Psycle’s newest studio in Victoria. Having made a name for themselves thanks to their addictive, high-energy spinning classes, they now offer classes including barre and yoga, which in the new Victoria location take place in a beautiful mirrored studio.

Why It’s a Must-Visit: This is Psycle‘s fifth London studio, so they well and truly know the drill. The interiors vibe is concrete, cool and minimalist with touches of luxury like GHD tools to make getting ready post-workout a breeze. It’s situated in Eccleston Yards (also home to Barry’s and RE:Mind, making it one of London’s premier fitness locations).

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Stellar Scalp Exosomes Treatment at Salon C Stellar

The Treatment: In today’s stressed-out world, hair thinning has become an almost universal concern. Enter Salon C Stellar’s latest hair treatment that uses Calecim’s advanced hair treatment.

This groundbreaking procedure uses stem cell science to rejuvenate and restore. Using a micro-needling skin pen to push the serum into the scalp (a procedure that we should note isn’t exactly relaxing, it feels a bit like you’ve got an angry bee buzzing in your hair). Afterwards, to make up for any discomfort, you’re ensconced under LED and given noise-cancelling headphones to listen to a 20-minute meditation. So whilst the treatment is a tale of two halves, you emerge feeling serene and relaxed.

What Sets It Apart: At the core of this treatment is Calecim Professional’s Advanced Hair System. This powerhouse serum boasts a staggering 80% stem cell concentration, delivering at least 3,000 active exosomes growth factors, proteins, and cytokines in each 1ml. Clinical trials reveal a 24% hike in hair follicle cell growth and a drastic 30-fold dip in inflammation, a known precursor to hair follicle cell death.

While it seems like a relaxing add-on, the LED technology comes into play, spotlighting precision wavelengths that drive the serum deep into scalp cells, amplifying scalp support and follicle stimulation.

Recognizing that stress is a silent assassin when it comes to hair health, the treatment seamlessly incorporates guided meditation. This soothing practice moderates cortisol levels, a hormone often implicated in stress-induced hair shedding. The treatment isn’t just about hair—it’s about the person as a whole.

After a session, patients can anticipate reinforced hair follicles, catalyzed new hair growth, and a palpable reduction in scalp inflammation. The treatment is more than just a hair service—it’s a holistic experience that marries cutting-edge biotechnology with the proven benefits of mindfulness to deliver not just stronger hair, but a more centred self.

The treatment takes 60 minutes and costs £350 per session

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The Londoner Hotel Launches Two New Exclusive Treatments

The Place: It might be located in the pulsating energy of Leicester Square, but The Londoner Hotel is making a name for its luxurious wellness offerings.

This summer, they’ve crafted two distinctive wellness experiences: Summer Glow and Rejuvenate. Both are curated meticulously to ensure an immersive escape from the urban hustle and revive the mind, body, and spirit.

What To Expect: As the name suggests, Summer Glow is the epitome of holistic pampering, comprising: two hours of spa access, delicious smoothie, a 30-minute shoulder, neck and back massage, a 30-minute Signature Facial using the Moor Mud Cleansing Balm, and a full body exfoliation treatment for radiant skin.

If you’re in need of equilibrium and a tranquil oasis, the Rejuvenate package awaits. It’s an invitation to delve deep with CBD and commences with 2-hours of spa access, setting the stage for relaxation. What follows is the 60-minute CBD Hibernation Massage, a treatment renowned for its potent anti-inflammatory and relaxation attributes. To finish, you get a refreshing Trip CBD drink to leave you feeling ready to face the hustle of London once again.

Availability: The Summer Glow is £250 and available from Monday to Thursday until September 28th, 2023. The Rejuvenate package, priced at £170, is available from Monday to Thursday.

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MAD Lagree Opens In Chelsea

The Offering: MAD Lagree is an airy and bright studio tucked just off the King’s Road. Rooted in the principles of pilates, their group classes are based on Lagree’s intensive workout that combines cardiovascular exercises with muscle toning and flexibility. While Lagree is fairly ubiquitous in America (especially in fitness-loving LA), London has been without a Lagree-licensed studio for the last couple of years, so fans of the method are already relishing MAD’s opening.

Why It’s Different: Conceived by fitness visionary Sebastien Lagree, his method is built on the ethos of low impact but high intensity moves. Classes take place on the Megaformer, a machine designed by Sebastien Lagree himself that shares some of its design with a traditional pilates reformer. Moves target the entire body, ensuring a full-body workout that’s equally challenging and transformative. Despite each move being done slowly to maximise muscle time under tension, it’s a much more heart-pumping workout than classic reformer pilates.  The result? A full-body workout that promises to burn, sculpt, and reform your physique that’s as popular with men as it is with women.

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Joanna Vargas Debuts Her New LA Sanctuary

The Place: Joanna Vargas, renowned for her ability to leave every client looking luminous, has opened her stunning new 5000 square foot clinic in Los Angeles.

The salon itself feels airy and luxurious. High ceilings adorned with modern chandeliers cast a soft glow over sleek treatment beds and state-of-the-art equipment. Verdant green plants interspersed throughout offer a touch of nature, embodying Vargas’s holistic approach to skincare.

What To Try: The Triple Crown Facial – a treatment that has earned its place in the hall of fame of facials. Joanna’s signature offering starts with a diamond-tip microdermabrasion, progressing to a medical-grade oxygen to encourage the growth of elastin and collagen and concludes with microcurrent to drain puffiness, tighten the skin, and provide that coveted lift. It’s a holistic trifecta that revives, tones, and illuminates the skin.

The Supernova Facial – a favourite among the Hollywood elite, especially before hitting the red carpet. This treatment incorporates a cryotherapy-induced cell rejuvenation process followed by an exfoliating mask of enzymatic properties. It culminates in an oxygen infusion to boost the skin’s radiance. The result? A luminous, youthful, and red-carpet-ready glow.

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