MAD Lagree Studio

South West London


Destino Says...

The Lagree method is a serious contender for one of the best workouts we’ve tried. Classes take place on patented Megaformer machines, which somewhat deceptively resemble pilates reformers – but don’t let that fool you: they’ve been designed by former US body builder Sebastien Lagree and each move combines endurance, cardio, core, strength and flexibility training.

While Lagree is fairly ubiquitous in America (especially in fitness-loving LA), London has been without a Lagree-licensed studio for the last couple of years, so fans of the Lagree method are rejoicing that MAD Lagree has opened. Tucked off the King’s Road, it’s an airy and bright studio that offers a range of Lagree-based classes.

Conceived by fitness visionary Sebastien Lagree, his method is built on the ethos of low impact but high intensity moves. The most surprising thing is how much of a cardio workout it feels, particularly since the entire premise is on how slowly you can do each move, using the adage, “if your muscles aren’t shaking, you’re not doing it right!”. The 50 minute classes involve a series of moves with names like The Bear that are designed to tone-up long-forgotten muscles quickly. The result? A full-body workout that promises to burn, sculpt, and reform your physique that’s as popular with men as it is with women.


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