Dr. Catharine Denning

Central London


Destino Says...

With an encyclopaedic knowledge of how the face is structured and how it ages thanks to her background in anatomy and surgery (two things we’d love to say all aesthetics experts always possess but know from experience that they sadly don’t), Dr. Denning is a friendly, kind, calming and reassuring presence when it comes to getting any aesthetic work done.

With a strong interest in skin health and rejuvenation, expect her to take detailed notes of your history thus far, pay keen attention to any areas that are concerning or upsetting you and come up with a staged POA that may involve tiny amounts of filler, botox and skin rejuvenating injections and facials over time. Don’t be surprised too if she suggests a tiny tweak to an area you’ve overlooked – ┬álike your temples – her awareness of where we lose volume and how to underpin the foundations of the face are truly exemplary and a tiny tweak in covert places can soon make you look like you did post a greek holiday c. five years ago.


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