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Facts To Know About Filler
Facts To Know About Filler
Here are five things one of our favourite aesthetic doctors wants all of her patients to know about filler.
Dermal Fillers May Be Made of Natural or Synthetic Materials

“There are temporary and permanent dermal fillers,” explains London-based Dr. Paris. “Temporary ones include hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite. Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar found in skin, eyes and joints. The most common synthetic / permanent filler is silicone.”

They Have Multiple Uses

“As skin boosters, volume restorers, facials enhancement & augmentation. When we inject filler into different layers of the whole face the treatment is called a liquid facelift and can provide fabulous rejuvenating results. I love performing profiloplasties using fillers, my background in facial orthognathic surgery (reconstructive jaw surgery) allows me to give clients non-surgical options to address the whole face and profile.”

There is Minimal Downtime

“Results can be seen immediately but there can side effects (most commonly bruising and swelling, so we always review two weeks after treatment when the final results can be seen). Side effects usually only last 48 hours but can go on for longer. Occasionally other more serious side effects may occur, therefore it is important that your clinician is experienced to deal with complications.”

They Shouldn't Leave You Looking "Done"

“Fillers have so many applications when placed well, refreshing tired looking faces by restoring our natural architecture, almost every region of the face can be addressed with meticulous placement of filler.”

But They Can be Dissolved if Needs Be

“If you aren’t happy with your final results, rest-assured that hyaluronic acid can be fully dissolved.”


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