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Online Pre & Postnatal Fitness Classes
Online Pre & Postnatal Fitness Classes
Exercising during pregnancy is hard: not only are you contending with how you're feeling (hello exhaustion and sickness) but there's conflicting advice surrounding what you should and shouldn't do, which can make even the hardiest of fitness fans second guess their approach. The answer is to put yourself in safe, expert hands, in the comfort of your own home. So we rounded up the five online destinations we love.
Four Sides

During pregnancy and whenever you feel like exercising again post-baby, it’s vital to feel in safe and knowledgeable hands. Taking a complete look at pre and post-natal health is Four Sides’ USP. Based in Clapham and founded by two physiotherapists, their four-pronged approach includes physiotherapy, pilates, strength & conditioning and women’s health. They offer most of their treatments in-person or online – including classes, personal training and even 1:1 consultations if you have any concerns or specific aches and pains. They also have a brilliant series of pre-recorded pilates classes available for each trimester.

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Louisa Drake Method

With a background in dance, Barre, Pilates and having spent a decade in NYC/LA as one of Tracy Anderson’s elite team (where she looked after stars including Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham), unsurprisingly Louisa Drake‘s own method has quickly become one of London’s most beloved workouts. Famed for its ability to strengthen and elongate limbs through a series of low-impact moves, Drake has now launched The LDM Pregnancy Project to ensure that women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters (as well as post-natal women) can access a modified version of her cult Sculpt class while on Lockdown. Sign up and you’ll get access to bi-weekly online classes and coming soon a complete pregnancy wellness guide too.

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One of the silver linings of our various lockdowns is now having access to a plethora of London’s most sought after classes and Triyoga have taken the amazing step to live-stream every single one of their classes. On the pregnancy side, they offer regular classes with an array of leading teachers.

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Home to some of London’s finest Barre classes, advocates love its ability to strengthen and tone quickly. They offer a prenatal class which is a modified version of their usual low-impact routine – designed to still make muscles shake, while being completely safe during pregnancy. Meanwhile their postnatal class focuses on rebuilding core, lower back muscles and pelvic floor strength. All are via Zoom, so teachers can easily make adjustments and suggest corrections.

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PBB Babybarre

Featuring a fusion of pilates and yoga specifically designed for pre and postnatal exercise, PBB‘s Babybarre classes still focus on suppleness and strengthening the muscles most-used (and needed) during pregnancy. They also help to alleviate common side-effects like lower back pain and sciatica. Post-baby, you can join too (with the baby too up until they start crawling).

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