Paola’s Bodybarre

West London


Destino Says...

The appeal of barre shows no signs of abating: what other form of exercise gives you the elongated limbs of a ballerina and the core strength of an ox? Paola’s Body Barre (or PBB for short) classes combine the killer (but effective) moves from pilates and mixes them with limb-lengthening ballet sequences. The result is an intense workout that will see you work every muscle, including quite a few that you didn’t know you had (after our first session, we could still feel a satisfying ache four days later). Barre classes come in a variety of forms, SignatureBurn (a step up thanks to its cardio focus) Below (which targets the glutei and thighs) and Babybarre which is designed for pre and post natal toning. Head for the PBB studio in Fulham but also find Paola at KXU and KX.


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