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Based on the same three wellness principles (fitness, wellness and nutrition) as sister club KX but without the sizeable monthly membership, this pay-as-you-go gym and spa has quickly become a London favourite.

Fitness is broken up into three categories – strength, cardio and stretch – and are led by industry favourites like Paula’s Bodybarre, ex England and Wasps rugby player Ali McKenzie and World Champion Kickboxer, Alex Lawson. Wellness is a big deal with a recovery boosting cryotherapy chamber, meditative infrared sauna and three rooms offering physio and osteopathy as well as aesthetic and spa treatments. Nutritional needs are met in their cafe, where a variety of balanced poke bowls and delicious smoothies make breakfast, lunch or dinner a much more appetising prospect.

The emphasis here is on group fitness, rather than one-to-one training (although you can have that here too), which gives the whole place a sociable feel. Adding to the ease is the fact that everything can be pre-booked using their glossy app. We’re hooked.

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