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February’s Hottest New Products
February’s Hottest New Products
In a whirlwind of beauty innovation, we've cherry-picked February's standout launches just for you. From Victoria Beckham and Melanie Grant's luxe cleansing duo to Beyoncé's trailblazing haircare, they're setting new benchmarks in beauty and wellness. Get ready to upgrade your routine with the very best in skincare, haircare, styling, and spiritual wellbeing.
Victoria Beckham x Melanie Grant, The Daily Cleansing Protocol, £100
Victoria Beckham Beauty Instagram

Victoria Beckham has long credited Australian facialist, Melanie Grant, for giving her glowy skin. So their first collaboration has set the beauty world abuzz. After two years of meticulous development, they’ve launched a duo of cleansers, comprising a Daily Oil Cleanser and a Daily Lactic Acid Gel Cleanser, which promise to transform your cleansing routine and your skin.

The Daily Oil Cleanser, enriched with olive fruit oil, is a testament to the duo’s commitment to nurturing the skin. It meticulously dissolves away make-up and impurities but it does so while shielding your skin’s protective barrier, maintaining its delicate balance. It’s designed to be used morning and evening. On the other hand, the Daily Lactic Acid Gel Cleanser, infused with rose damascena flower water, goes beyond just cleansing. It gets rid of dead, dull skin cells, conditions, soothes, and revitalises, ensuring that it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and pampered. Designed to be used at night after the Daily Oil Cleanser.

Victoria encapsulated the essence of this launch, sharing on Instagram, “I’ve been obsessed with finding the perfect cleanser for years because the right cleanser will not only remove what shouldn’t be there, it will restore what should, leaving you with the best base for the rest of your routine.”

Suitable for a broad spectrum of skin types – dry, mature, sensitive, oily, and combination – this cleansing duo is available for purchase as a pair at £100 via the Victoria Beckham Beauty website. It builds on Beckham’s existing skin care line, which includes a serum and a moisturiser in collaboration with Augustinus Bader.

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Rahua Body Glow Collection, From £32

Rahua’s latest addition, the Enchanted Island Body Glow Collection, introduces a trio of products designed to bring the lush vitality of the rainforest directly to your skincare routine. Just like their best-selling haircare, this collection is Rahua’s homage to the power of nature, tailored for the body.

The heart of the collection lies in its signature Plant-based Collagen Booster Complex, featuring naturally sourced hyaluronic acid for deep hydration, achiote extract for skin protection, and Gotu Kola for that extra glow. Each product is carefully crafted to not only enhance skin’s appearance but also to provide deep, lasting nourishment. The collection comprises:

Body Glow Wash, £32: A creamy cleanser that feels super-luxurious. Formulated with the collection’s hallmark Plant-based Collagen Booster Complex, along with achiote and horsetail extract, it gently cleanses the skin while leaving it feeling silky and lightly scented with coconut and guava.

Body Glow Serum, £85: Post shower, this serum is a sumptuous body treatment that combines the antioxidant-rich essence of the rainforest. Hero ingredients like rahua oil and guyasa extract work together to hydrate and repair skin, leaving it looking luminous and feeling petal-soft.

Body Glow Cream, £65: Lastly, this buttery cream offers a rich moisturising experience. It’s packed with rainforest-derived ingredients like achiote extract and sacha inchi oil, plus hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture. Leaving skin feeling hydrated and smelling amazing.

We’ve been trialling this range for the last few weeks and love that it has made us treat the skin on our body with the same reverence and quality ingredients as our face. Shower time never felt chicer!

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Cécred by Beyoncé, From £25

Beyoncé’s latest masterpiece, Cécred, is shaking up the beauty scene with a bang. This isn’t just any haircare launch; it’s a deep dive into the essence of global hair traditions, powered by some serious science. The Foundation Collection is the debut line, rolling out with eight killer products that promise to quench, fortify, and add killer shine to your hair.

Why Cécred, you ask? Because Beyoncé herself has been on a mission to craft the ultimate haircare lineup that speaks directly to the needs of textured hair and beyond. “This journey has been all about passion,” Beyoncé reflects, aiming to fuse the best of scientific innovation with age-old haircare rituals from around the globe.

With ingredients ranging from luxurious butters and oils to honey and fermented rice water, each product in the Foundation Collection is a nod to the power of nature, backed by cutting-edge keratin recovery tech. It’s about bringing that Beyoncé glow to your hair routine, catering to every type, every style.

Beyoncé’s vision? To empower everyone to explore and express their hair identity with confidence, backed by the in care that science and tradition can offer.  Beyoncé’s message is clear: It’s time to embrace the freedom to express our hair in ways that make us feel fabulous, backed by the best in care that science and tradition can offer.

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GHD Chronos, £289

If you’ve tried GHD straighteners, you’d be forgiven for assuming that they couldn’t possibly improve them further. But GHD has once again raised the bar with the introduction this month of their new GHD Chronos.

Chronos operates at the ideal heat-styling temperature of 185°C, but it is its motion-responsive technology that steals the show. As you style, your hair absorbs some of the heat, typically causing most tools to lose their effectiveness partway through. The Chronos, however, cleverly adjusts its power in real-time, ensuring consistent heat delivery from roots to ends.

What does this mean for your morning routine? According to GHD, this tech-savvy feature means you can achieve your desired style three times faster, needing just a single pass to get perfect results. Less time under heat means less damage, and those ultra-gloss-coated plates promise an extra dose of shine. If you’re looking for a new pair of straighteners, then the Chronos won’t let you down.

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I Am Sacred Space by Estelle Bingham, From £85

You may remember that we predicted mood-boosting fragrances would become big business, and it’s a category that continues to excite. So we were thrilled to hear that Estelle Bingham, affectionately dubbed ‘The Heart Whisperer,’ has channelled her psychic and visionary force into her own wellness brand, which is set to redefine how we connect with ourselves.

With over two decades of experience in guiding individuals towards more love, purpose, and connection through her crystal healing and meditation practices, Bingham has become the go-to healer for some of the UK’s most notable figures. Her philosophy? We’re all capable of healing and manifesting our dream lives.

Enter I AM Sacred Space, a product range crafted to bridge the gap between our daily hustle and our inner sanctum. Bingham’s insight into our collective need for presence and grounding has birthed a collection that’s as much a toolkit for self-discovery as it is a line of luxury scents. “These tools are designed to ground and anchor us,” Bingham explains, aiming to foster a daily practice of mindfulness and self-care.

The Mystical Mists—Love, Purpose, and Protect—are the inaugural offerings from I AM Sacred Space, each a concoction of exquisite fragrances and potent energies. Drawing from ancient wisdom and modern alchemy, these scents are designed to connect us to ourselves, awakening a unique embodiment of self. Crafted in collaboration with renowned Aromatherapist Denise Leicester (Founder of Ila), the mists are a symphony of essential oils, resins, and the vibrational power of holy waters, gem, flower, & tree essences, all aligned with lunar cycles for utmost potency.

Hand-blended with the highest quality, natural organic ingredients, the mists are not just scents but vibrational medicine, aimed at altering both mind and body states. Each scent is infused with a sigil, a symbol of intent designed by Lizzie Clark, to anchor its specific energy—be it Love, Purpose, or Protect.

  • Love is your heart-opener, infused with Rose & Sandalwood alongside essences of Gold, Ruby, and Wild Poppy, crafted to envelop you in love’s embrace, fostering self-love, healing, and the attraction of loving relationships.
  • Purpose provides clarity, focus, strength, and courage, with Vetivert, Clary Sage, & Pine blended with Birch Tree, Diamond, & Amethyst essences, empowering you to embody and strengthen your life’s purpose.
  • Protect offers an invisibility cloak of sorts, combining Frankincense & Myrrh with Yew Tree, Palo Santo, & Black Tourmaline essences for empowerment, self-love, and daily protection against negative energies.

To use, simply shake to activate, spray around your aura, and visualize being enveloped in a golden thread of protection and intention. In need of love, purpose AND protection (we feel you!), then the good news is that Bingham advises that the scents can all be layered to create one cocooning shield.

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