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Founder Denise Leceister has a wealth of knowledge and training. A qualified nurse, midwife, aromatherapist, yoga teacher, sound healer, holistic bodyworker and spiritual philosopher, she founded her first renowned beauty brand Ila after she witnessed the complementary impact essential oils can have alongside traditional medicine while she was nursing the leader of the UAE.

Ilapothacary is her new diffusion line from Ila and while it still harnesses the same natural ingredients ethos, the emphasis here is on products and treatments that also help to renew our wellbeing and energetic needs using a mix of proven ingredients and natural medicine. Customers fill in a questionnaire – and while it doesn’t take long, its wide range of topics are able to give an idea of key areas of imbalance.

Corresponding product lines all have a focus, whether it’s inducing relaxation and sleep, creating a sense of calm or boosting energy levels. Treatments follow suit: their tailored therapies include dreamy digital detox facials, immune boosting massages and rebalancing reflexology. All take place in the small but chic room at the back of the new apothecary shop and are carried out by the wonderful Sophie, who has trained under Leicester. Weekly sound healing, breathing, yoga and gong bathing workshops might sound out of your comfort zone but are also well worth a visit.

The space itself is everything you’d hope a modern apothecary would be: a heavenly scented, antique-mirrored haven with a bespoke chakra blending tea bar and Leceister’s own sound therapy music playing. We defy anyone to pop in here to peruse their products and not end up booking a treatment.


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