Insider Interviews: Josh Wood: Founder of Josh Wood Colour

With decades of experience, Wood is a world authority on hair colour. Whether it's in the lab developing products for his award-winning line, creating trend-starting looks backstage at fashion weeks or as one of London's most in-demand colourists, Wood's down-to-earth persona and extensive knowledge shine through. We asked him about the products he loves, the secrets to his success & the fellow experts he swears by.

by Amy Wilson Wyles
  • Job Title: Founder of Josh Wood Colour

  • Location: Holland Park, London

  • Famous For: All things colour – he pioneers new techniques, trends & product formulations

  • Clients/Fans Include: Elle Macpherson, Saoirse Ronan, Victoria Beckham & Florence Welch

  • Years in the Industry: 30

The Backstory

I first knew I wanted to focus on colour when a colleague at the time told me I was rubbish at hair styling (!) and suggested I should look into specialising in colour. I’ve never looked back…

My big break came after working at Vidal Sassoon. I then opened my own Atelier, which has truly been an amazing journey. We attract the best talent in the world to work with us so no two days are ever the same.

I got the idea for the Atelier when I realised that both clients and creatives didn’t really like going to or working in traditional salons, so it was time to do something a bit different that felt more personal. Clients love feeling like its a home from home and from a creative side, the Atelier really allows the whole team to craft their own careers – the ones they had dreamt of rather than limiting them just to working in a salon – and with that concept comes a new level of skill and energy.

The most important thing I look for when interviewing potential colourists is how open they are to change and how they can adapt in stressful situations. When team members come to me they are already very good colourists, otherwise they wouldn’t even apply to work with us, but it takes a certain kind of personality to work alongside me on shows, photoshoots and for our high profile clients.

I think I’ve been successful because I’m still the first in the Atelier every morning and sometimes the last to leave. Plus I love learning and everything I do has to have a creative feel to it otherwise it feels repetitive to me.

After all the Covid restrictions and lockdowns there is definitely a sense of not wanting too much complication with colour or colour that needs a lot of maintenance. We are creating techniques that can be maintained at home and then topped up every couple of months or so in the salon. Root covers are particularly important to people so advising our clients how to manage regrowth is a way to be supportive.

Longer term I think it will force the colour industry to evolve. For me the divide between salon and at-home has always been something that needed rethinking. Having clients always feel like they have seamless colour and hair that’s in amazing condition has always been my goal. Even before the pandemic I’ve given colour care packages to clients or found ways to help them get colour wherever they are, so that will only increase. Trends like Balayage, which only require 2-3 trips to a salon a year with at-home root touch ups will also remain popular.

I’d love to invent a way to make people blonde without using bleach, something fast and maybe tech driven.

The Advice

My 5 Key Steps To Finding & Maintaining Your Best-Ever Colour 

  1. Hydration –  This is the most essential step as it is this that will really keep hair colour looking and feeling moisturised. I love my Josh Wood Colour Everything Mask – as you’ll see, it’s a staple in my hair kit and I developed it to add a big does of hydration.
  2. UV filters – Look for products that have UV filters in them, they really help to stop fade and prevents colour loss.
  3. Forward Plan – Really think about how much maintenance you are willing to take on before you think about which colour technique you would like to try. I like colour to look seamless and natural, no obvious grow outs. And if you’ve gone for a colour that’s quite far from your natural shade, a root touch up tool is key between appointments.
  4. Make Subtle Changes – As the seasons change, play around with the tone of your hair, a little warmer one season and maybe a bit cooler colour the next. Our new Miracle System is a great way of colouring your hair at home.
  5. Invest in Good Aftercare Products – They really can make the world of difference. If you’re grey or blonde, use a toner between appointments like our Shade Shots. If you’re brunette or redhead, opt for our colour specific glosses.


The Kit

  1. My Josh Wood Colour Everything Mask – as I formulated this product to deliver the most hydrating mask that doesn’t weigh the hair down.
  2. Tangle Teezer – it is the best tool to get hair prepped and ready for colour
  3. Flash Lift Bleach by Redken – it is the premium lifting product that doesn’t compromise the condition of the hair.
  4. Tumi – a great suitcase is essential when I travel around the world so much
  5. iPhone – I rely on my phone for emails, diary, everything! I often don’t have the luxury of getting my laptop set up, so being able to connect on a handheld device is super important to me. I literally run all of my business from my phone!

The Experts

Hairdresser:  Mason or Marilyn from my Atelier. I never have much time and he really considers what is going to suit me rather than just give me the standard cut.

Grooming/Barber Destination: Jenna Treat in my Atelier, she is amazing at subtle grooming for guys.

Dermatologist/Skin Doctor: Joanne Evans at Skin Matters. Joanne is amazing with skin in every way. I would never do anything invasive so keeping my skin looking well and cared for is super important to me and Joanne has so many different approaches to keeping me looking well cared for.

Workout Spot/Exercise Class:  Psycle – I like the music and the fact that it’s so quick, I’m an early riser and there are lots of options for pre-work classes. 

Favourite Spa Destination: Vana India. It really is the best of the best in retreats. A couple of weeks there and I feel like I can tackle anything.



Get In Touch

Find: 6 Lansdowne Mews, Holland Park, W11 3AN

Contact: +44 (0)20 3393 0977

Follow: @joshwoodcolour


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