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Great brands are able to instantly conjure a mood or a feeling, so the chances are that the words ‘Bamford Wellness Spa’ instantly transport people to their world of chic, calming, luxury.

While we are envious of those who live within reach of the The Club by Bamford, Londoners can also get a small slice of the action over at their newly redone Bamford Wellness Spa above their flagship London location in South Kensington’s Brompton Cross. Set on the first floor above the store (good luck walking through it without feeling tempted to redecorate your entire house), their treatment menu offers Londoners a discreet opportunity to experience the Bamford spa approach that has made their Cotswolds spa such an award-winning destination.

Decor wise, it sounds rather simple on paper – white walls with painted wooden accents, pale floors and calming music. In reality, no detail has been overlooked: sumptuous treatment beds that look and feel so soft they may as well be clouds; each room having an en-suite shower and loo, enabling you to change at your leisure; hidden built-in oil warmers that heat your desired body oil to perfection.

The Bamford Wellness Spa treatment menu is a mix of different types of massage, from deep tissue to pregnancy, and facials that include all of the classic protocols like deep cleansing, steam and extractions. They also offer classes including yoga, pilates and breath work in their equally elegant studio – regulars swear by Jasmine St Cliere’s Gong & Crystal Bowl sessions for clearing the mind. We tested the Bamford Full Body Massage. An hour-long heavenly mix of deep tissue and shiatsu that helped highlight key areas of tension before we felt it being melted away by our wonderful therapist Diedra. The result was being able to leave feeling a million times lighter and more relaxed – and dreaming of returning again as soon as possible. If you’re looking to treat yourself, or a loved one to a relaxing escape, then this is a perfect Destino to head to.



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