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Hero Products This Leading Skin Doctor Swears By
Hero Products This Leading Skin Doctor Swears By
Clients, friends and even people I've just met often ask for my favourite products: these are the ones I use, recommend and trust.
The Skin Brightener: PCA C&E Max Strength

This is a potent antioxidant serum with very stable forms of Vitamin C, Vitamin E & Vitamin A. This combination helps to minimise fine lines, even skin tone & strengthen skin.

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The Tired Eye Fighter: ZO Hydrafirm Eye Brightening Cream

Hands down my favourite eye cream on the market: it targets laxity, puffiness & really helps reduce dark circles.

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The Sun Protector: Heliocare 360 Gel Oil Free

A perfect daily SPF for all skin-types as it’s a non-comedogenic, broad spectrum SPF and antioxidant cream that provides unrivalled protection. It also has the added benefit of repairing damaged DNA within your skin cells.

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The Wrinkle Buster: PCA ExLinea

Great for clients that want to get the most out of their Botox: this peptide serum helps prolong the effects of toxin treatments, minimising the appearance of expression lines.

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The Do-It-All: ZO Daily Power Defence

The ultimate anti-ageing formulation containing retinol, antioxidants, ceremides & UV repair enzymes. Not only does it restore collagen & repair DNA but it also prevents future damage from UV exposure.

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