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Mile High Heroes
Mile High Heroes
Air travel presents a slew of beauty dilemmas, from sleep deprivation to puffiness and dehydration - which is why a well-stocked bag of effective (and airport-compliant) products can go a long way to helping you feel your best while in transit. Here are some of our most relied upon travel essentials to make looking good while on the go a breeze.
Best for: Fighting puffiness

Puffiness seems to be part and parcel of air travel – you can thank changes in air pressure at altitude and long periods sitting down for that. To combat any swelling we rely on two things. For a swollen complexion, we reach for Milk Makeup’s Cooling Water: a gel that’s *so* satisfyingly refreshing, particularly if you’re feeling a bit blah mid-flight. Its cooling formula instantly de-puffs while caffeine helps to boost micro-circulation for a more energised appearance. Plus, its stick format means it doesn’t count toward your in-flight liquid limit. For our body, we find that flying long-haul invariably means swollen ankles – unless you travel with a pair of compression socks. Not only do they nip in ankles (and keep legs cosy during the flight) but they also help prevent deep vein thrombosis, which can be potentially fatal.

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Best for: Prepping for any time difference

Theories abound about how best to avoid jet lag, from fasting in-flight to switching to the sleeping hours of your destination a few days pre-departure. But no matter which hypothesis you subscribe to personally, we can all agree that arriving fully-rested (or as fresh as can be achieved on a long-haul trip) is a priority. Which is why we pack this silk sleep mask from CurrentBody, devised in partnership with aesthetic practitioner Dr Steve Harris. It’s designed to prevent wrinkles forming while you sleep, thanks to expertly placed silicone dots that relax nerve endings and wrinkle-forming muscles. A happy side effect is that it also induces a deep sense of relaxation, so it can help get you to sleep. The mask also fits snuggly to the face, meaning it blocks out almost any light that could disrupt your precious shut-eye. 

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Best for: Combating dehydration

Most of us are used to having to deal with dehydrated skin while on the ground, but the very low humidity levels in the cabin (where they tend to be under 20%, whereas our homes usually range from 30-50%) and constant air circulation mean that it’s nearly impossible to keep hydration levels in check at altitude without a helping hand. Along with upping your water intake, we’d suggest slotting Summer Friday’s cleverly named Jet Lag Mask into your in-flight beauty routine. It’s rich in hydrating hyaluronic acid as well as glycerin, which is masterful at locking in moisture and preventing water loss. The 28g version is the ideal size for on board and its no-rinse formula makes it ideal for a little pampering from the comfort of your own seat. You can dab off any excess after 10 minutes or apply a thicker layer as an ultra-hydrating overnight mask.

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Best for: Protecting against UV rays

When you’re stuck indoors on a plane for hours on end, you might not naturally think about wearing your SPF. But your skin is actually exposed to harmful UV rays while mid-air that are even more damaging at altitude, where you’re closer to the ozone layer. Prioritising sun protection should therefore be a beauty imperative – especially if you’ve landed the window seat. La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios fluid is a tried-and-tested favourite and we rely on its lightweight formulation for topping up our protection throughout the trip. Or for those who prefer not to go bare-faced, opt for a foundation with a broad-spectrum SPF50 like IT Cosmetics’s cult CC Cream, which provides UV protection with a gorgeous glow.

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Best for: Enhancing your immunity

Planes are notorious hot-spots for picking up bugs so supporting your immune system is paramount for feeling your best while travelling. Antioxidants are a no-brainer for boosting immunity and so until planes start offering green juices to everyone (we can but dream) these convenient Anti-G-Ox sachets from Vida Glow will help to defend against free radicals. Anti-G-Ox offers zinc, vitamin C and niacinamide, all of which will also lend radiance to your complexion and support collagen production. Don’t forget to also pack an effective yet nourishing hand sanitiser like this chic and microbiome-friendly offering from Neom and you’ll be ready for take off.

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