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Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask


Size: 1 mask

If you find yourself frowning without realising it throughout the day and don’t particularly enjoy the resulting wrinkles (think ‘elevens’ lines between the brows and crow’s feet), this silk sleep mask might just be what you need. CurrentBody have teamed up with leading London aesthetic practitioner Dr Steve Harris to craft this wrinkle-preventing mask: it features silicone dots that press on mechanoreceptors (tiny nerve endings, in layman’s terms) which in turn relax muscles at night and prevent them from contracting into line-forming positions the next day. These little dots also create a calming effect, so you’ll also enjoy a deep night of rest (and has also been reported to help reduce headaches). It truly provides your beauty sleep in every sense of the term.

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Wear as an eye mask while sleeping or meditating

The mask is composed of mulberry silk and silicone dots, the headband contains elastic


  • Precisely positioned dots help to prevent wrinkle formation
  • Blocks out all light
  • Silk feels luxuriously soft on the skin
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