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West London


Destino Says...

Located on a spacious corner plot on High Street Kensington, Repose Space is the brainchild of Daria Ivanova, who was struck by the amount of time she and her friends were wasting making separate visits to the gym, masseuse, cryotherapy studio, facialist etc. “It just makes sense to have it all under one roof,”she explains. “Additionally, I’m originally from Russia, where people have regular lymphatic massages and bio-hacking treatments – it’s built into our culture of wellbeing and tradition of taking care of ourselves – so I wanted to create a comprehensive offering here to allow people to realise the huge health benefits that these treatments will have.”

Partnering with EMS brand, E-Pulsive, fitness at Repose is about efficiency: pulling on a suit with electrodes all over it definitely makes you feel like an action hero, and the following muscle-exhausting 20 minute series of exercises is the equivalent to a 90-minute gym session. Results are fast – Founder Eladio de Léon Martínez explained that they recommend 2 sessions a week, “with most people seeing a significant change within 6 sessions”, making this a great place to head to if you’ve got a holiday coming up and haven’t quite managed to keep on top of your fitness regime. But it’s also a great form of exercise if you’re post-natal or recovering from surgery or injury. The intensity is completely customisable to each muscle group, so trainers are able to safely rehab your body back to full strength. Repose also have a spacious anti-gravity studio where aerial yoga, pilates and barre sessions take place.

In terms of wellness, the Repose offering is extensive: an intimidatingly cold -85°C cryotherapy chamber that you stand in for a bracing three minutes to accelerate fat loss and boost your mood; an infrared sauna that in contrast to the cryotherapy chamber feels akin to 45 minutes on a beach, lulling you into a meditative warmth that relaxes not only your muscles but your mind, easing pain and tension away. Finally, they’ve got a photobiomodulation bed, a sun-bed looking contraption that stimulates ATP production, targeting cell renewal and decreasing inflammation.

But it doesn’t end there. They’ve also got treatment rooms where you can get facials, massages and osteopathy, a cafe serving delicious smoothies and protein shakes and a store selling clothing, supplements and skincare.


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