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Martine de Richeville designed her signature body treatment having studied psychology, TCM and Steiner’s Eurythmic Massage. Combining elements of all three, her resulting Remodelage technique uses a combination of light pinching and rolling to work on the deep layers of the dermis, fascia, lymph and stubborn fat cells to slim and tone the silhouette.

In practise, this makes for a fairly unique treatment: yes, you’re lying on a spa bed but the lights are on and the technique swings between mildly uncomfortable to “wow that’s sore” depending on the area being worked on. Key points that usually hurt because they’re sluggish? The thighs, stomach and upper arms. The good news is that the more treatments you have, the less painful they become and Martine’s son Julien, who heads up the London practice in their stand-alone clinic in Kensington, claims regular clients often fall asleep (a notion that first time around will make you laugh out loud).

But, as the saying goes – no pain, no gain and it was fairly amazing to be able to see a noticeable difference in areas like our stomach and upper thighs as we were getting dressed afterwards. That being said, this isn’t a one-off fix, it’s a commitment but regulars say that it has helped transform areas that they couldn’t seem to tone or change in the gym. It’s also great to have during pregnancy (if you’ve been before), or post-baby to flush out water retention and realign the silhouette. At around £1600 for 10 sessions, it’s definitely an investment but one that comes with legions of fans. They’ve also recently added a facial version, which is a great pre-event add-on.


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