Remodelage Facial

West London


Destino Says...

Designing a rejuvenating facial treatment to rival their infamous body Remodelage technique has taken Martine de Richeville and her son Julien years of refining.

Whereas the body treatment is efficacious but not what we’d call relaxing – see our review here, the facial is a bit of a hybrid. It begins with a lovely neck and shoulder massage (that feels similar to other facial massages you may have had elsewhere), which helps to increase blood flow and undo all of the knots that might be stopping optimal lymph drainage from the face which can lead to dull, puffy skin. However, the signature Remodelage method of deep release massage is thankfully present too, even if it means a certain level of discomfort – removing what felt like years of tension from under the chin was a particularly painful moment and the area stayed tender to touch for about 48 hours afterwards, despite looking more defined than usual.

That being said, it’s this latter approach that will make you reconsider some of the other facials you’ve had that seem to rely heavily on lotions and potions: they use REN products but the skincare here is secondary (and there to support the various tapping, pinching and smoothing movements they use throughout the treatment). Instead, technique is King – but from the creators of one of the only manual body treatments we’ve tried that offers a tangible difference after just one session, we’d expect nothing less.


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