Nichola Joss

Central London & NYC


Destino Says...

Nichola’s Bespoke Sculpting Inner Facial has become the stuff of beauty legend: midway through her relaxing but rigorous lymphatic drainage facial, Joss dons a pair of dental gloves and proceeds to massage the inside of your mouth. Unusual? Yes. Effective? You bet. So much so that after doing one side she hands you a mirror so that you can see the difference for yourself.

The theory behind it all is that we hold incredible amounts of tension in our cheeks and jaw that can only be fully released by massaging both inside and out. It’s a technique she’s perfected over the years: Joss has a degree in Biology & Physiology and spent a year studying lymphatic massage under the expert eye of a massage master.  While it’s painful in parts, it’s also strangely addictive (we were seriously tempted to try and replicate her technique at home) and the fact that you leave with a face that feels devoid of all tension and with skin that’s full of life is testament to her expertise.

A favourite with celebrities including Margot Robbie and Elle Macpherson (and thanks to the Duchess of Sussex being photographed post-appointment, Royalty too), Joss remains as attentive and down to earth as ever.


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