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Done right, a fake tan applied by a professional can have almost magical powers: pasty limbs are gone, the half stone you’ve been trying to lose seems to melt away and colourful clothes suddenly look like you hoped they would. Done badly, you can look like a Love Island reject with orange feet and streaky hands. But our biggest professional tanning gripe is the baggy-clothed trip you have to do between the salon and home trying to avoid rubbing off any of the tan or bumping into anybody you know.

Which all leads us to Inparlour: tanning whizz Amanda Harrington’s hand-picked crack team of beauty experts (many of whom are hugely successful in their own right), who will come to you and set up her award-winning range of products in your bathroom and set to work hand-mixing a shade that’s perfect for you and buffing it seamlessly into skin. You’re even given a nifty black paper gown to wear afterwards to avoid any smudges – not that you need it, since Harrington’s eponymous tanning line dries reassuringly quickly. Results are completely tailored, so if it’s the dead of winter and you just want to look a little less less pale, voilà. Or if you’re off on holiday and want to look like a local – hey presto! Whichever shade you ask for the effect is impressive – streak free, natural and long-lasting. Better still, now that you can buy Harrington’s products you can top it up yourself.

Sold yet? This is actually just the tip of the Inparlour iceberg: they offer everything from blowdries to massages to eyelash extensions and one of the most comprehensive male grooming menus we’ve seen. Never leaving the house for a beauty appointment again? Priceless.


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