Dr. Sharma, Integrative Health

Central London


Destino Says...

With certain health concerns or ongoing niggles, seeing a series of unrelated experts can sometimes seem counterproductive. Instead, wouldn’t it be better to see someone who takes a completely holistic approach? This is where Dr. Sharma comes in. He’s an interesting blend – an Integrative Health Doctor, which in laymans terms means that he uses both conventional and complementary medicine (Sharma is a member of The Faculty of Homeopathy and was previously the Medical Director of both The Hale Clinic and The Diagnostic Clinic). Added to this, he’s also an expert in ecological medicine – the idea that as individuals our health can be impacted by nutritional, toxic, allergic and immune responses. The result is a completely 360 degree overview of your health – often joining up or explaining symptoms that can seem entirely unrelated. Patients praise him for his ability to tackle long-term conditions like chronic fatigue and thyroid disorders as well as things like allergies and IBS that conventional medicine sometimes finds tricky to solve.


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