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Wellbeing Tips Jasmine Hemsley Lives By
Wellbeing Tips Jasmine Hemsley Lives By
For Good Skin, Look After Your Insides

The one piece of beauty advice I’d give would be to look after your insides as much as your outsides. When I started experimenting as a teenager with face masks made from ingredients such as avocado, yoghurt, honey and papaya my mum said, “you’re better off eating them!” Of course using natural ingredients to protect and care for your skin is always beneficial but it’s important to understand that your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside. If you’re suffering with bad skin (be it dryness, irritation or anything that feels off) then it’s well worth considering your lifestyle, diet and how they might be impacting your health and therefore your skin, the biggest organ in your body. Trying to fix it solely via beauty products is a short-term, expensive (and sometimes ineffective!) solution.

Take Care Of Your Digestion

Your gut really is the key to your health – from eating when you’re hungry and until you’re satisfied (but not overly full) to taking the time to appreciate each bite and feeling grateful for the food on your plate. How you eat is just as important as what you eat.

Listen To Your Body

For me, eating well means learning to listen to your body and the environment around you in an intuitive way. That’s what the current “trend” of local and seasonal eating is really all about!

Cook Feel-Good Food

My top feel-good recipe has to be the Pizza Pudas from my book East by West. Although an authentic (preferably sourdough) pizza is always a good thing, when I feel like pizza at home I turn pudas – Indian chickpea pancakes rippled with grated veggies, herbs and spices – into a base for my favourite pizza toppings. Easy, gluten-free, protein-rich, cheap to make and depending on your toppings even vegan, they are a hit with anyone who tries them. So much so that they’ve become a bit of a cult recipe and definitely an East by Westfavourite.

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Start Tongue Scraping Each Day

There’s a big connection between oral health and your overall health. Daily tongue scraping not only makes your mouth happier and healthier, it has also been linked to a happy and healthy gut, which means a happy and healthy you! To use, take the two ends of the tongue scraper in each hand, stick out your tongue, and guide the arch of the tongue scraper to the back of the tongue. Gently scrape forward and down several times, rinsing the white mucus off the scraper in between.

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