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Spotlight On: Microbiome Skincare
Spotlight On: Microbiome Skincare
Just like our gut, our skin plays host to a community of beneficial bacteria that help to maintain a functioning moisture barrier and prevent sensitivity. So it makes sense that the beauty world is taking note, with a host of microbiome centred products and ranges launching over the last year. Here are five of the most compelling.
The Non-Stripping Cleanser: The Nue Co. Barrier Culture Cleanser

Harsh cleansers rank alongside over-exfoliation as one of the most common culprits behind a compromised skin barrier. But not only does this cleanser from The Nue Co. not strip skin, it actually adds back to it, pacifying irritation via calming chamomile and restoring balance to the skin’s microbiome thanks to probiotics as well as pre- and postbiotics. It’s designed so that just one cleanse will remove all traces of makeup and pollution, so would also please those who find double cleansing over-sensitises their skin. 

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The Soothing Serum: Cultured Biomecare Biome One Serum

Founded by Rob Calcraft, the co-founder of REN Clean Skincare, Cultured Biomecare, as its name suggests, is an entire brand built around the importance of the microbiome to our skin health. We’re particularly taken with this serum, which presents a host of fermented ingredients to foster a healthy ecosystem of good bacteria. Postbiotic lactococcus ferment works to stimulate skin renewal and black tea ferment combats glycation – the destruction of collagen often wrought by exposure to free radicals. Although intended to be used as a serum, those with oilier skin will find it’s nourishing enough to double as a lightweight moisturiser.

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The Deliciously Scented Day Cream: Aurelia Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser

There’s plenty to love about this cult favourite day cream. Its heavenly whipped texture makes it a sensorial delight to use, while its microbiome-nurturing formula – plentiful in probiotics and restorative bifida ferment lysate – noticeably calm irritation and sensitivity. Its scent, a blend of jasmine, tuberose and mandarin essential oils, is completely moreish – you’ll look forward to applying this every morning.

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The Ultra-Hydrating Body Moisturiser: VENN Probiotic-Tensive Hydro Firming Body Cream

From Korean-American brand VENN comes this microbiome-friendly body cream. It boasts the line’s proprietary combination of pre-, pro- and postbiotics, ingredients you rarely find in body moisturisers, intended to balance the skin’s delicate microbiome across the body, while oils rich in omegas and antioxidants further reinforce the moisture barrier and ward off free radical damage. It also features VENN’s patented delivery system, which allows the ingredients to penetrate further into the layers of the skin for deeper hydration from head to toe. 

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The Hand Helper: Gallinée Hand Cream

Anyone who has dealt with sore, dry hands from all of the regular washing or sanitiser use these past couple of years know that our hands tend to take a battering day-to-day. This cream is designed to give them the love they deserve: as well as nourishing the skin with shea butter, its probiotic-rich formula reinforces the moisture barrier to protect from future damage. It’s ultra-moisturising yet lightweight, sinking in within seconds without a whisper of greasiness. 

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