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Face Mists We Love
Face Mists We Love
Face mists have come a long way since the early 80s when the first iterations were simply aerosolised water. Today’s versions tackle a host of issues from skincare to boosting your mood and are fast becoming staple steps of beauty regimens across the globe. Here are five that you need to know about.
The Glow Giver: Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

Billed as a moisturiser in a spray, you can either use this mist as the final step in your skincare routine or spritz on once your makeup is finished for a dose of pretty radiance. As a result, it boasts legions of fans worldwide, and with good reason: its ability to set makeup while imparting a gorgeous ‘glass skin’ finish has seen it become the final step in many routines (including our own). Containing 20% botanical oils and humectants (which draw water from the environment into the top layer of the skin) it will leave you looking healthy, rested and luminous and we can personally attest that it’s a product that never fails to pull in the compliments.

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The Microbiome Protector: BYOMA Balancing Face Mist

Much like for our gut, keeping the skin’s delicate microbiome in check is key to its health, which is why we’re currently spritzing this probiotic-rich mist on repeat – we like to use it just after cleansing or to refresh the skin throughout the day. It contains a probiotic ferment (fermentation tends to make ingredients more potent and easier to absorb, FYI) to nourish the complexion’s microbiome and stave off inflammation, plus ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol to repair any damage to the skin’s barrier. And at just shy of £12 for 100ml, you can spritz liberally without an ounce of guilt.

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The Mood Enhancer: Athletia Tuning Aroma Mists

The link between scent and mood is irrefutable, so we were intrigued by Athletia’s Tuning Aroma Mists. It comes in two scents, Refresh & Restart and Rock It, designed to lull you out of two very different moods. Refresh & Restart is a balance, containing soothing lavender with energising peppermint (against a backdrop of other herbal notes), so we love using it when we need to put a metaphorical full-stop in our day – either between activities or work projects – or whenever you want to calm your mind before carrying on with purpose. Rock It is one for when you want to wake up, thanks to its energising blend of lemon and rosemary, grapefruit and cedarwood. Both are designed to be sprayed over your face and body, making them great handbag additions so that you always feel ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you.

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The Sensitivity Soother: Pai Century Flower Lotus & Hyaluronic Acid Barrier Defence Mist

If your skin is feeling more irritable than usual, it’s worth assessing the state of your moisture barrier, which may have been compromised by, among other things, the weather, harsh treatments or an over-enthusiastic use of active ingredients and exfoliants (we speak from experience). This mist – an updated version of Pai’s cult favourite Century Flower Tonic – is intended to quickly bring the barrier back to its optimum pH state, with a cocktail of magnesium and other minerals to calm, replenish the skin’s barrier and reduce water loss. For all skin types, but particularly if your skin is feeling a bit angry, spraying this feels like a heavenly, cooling moment of TLC. 

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The SPF Booster: Ultra Violette's PREEN SCREEN™ SPF 50 Reapplication Mist

Ultra Violette is a brand that is constantly trying to ensure SPF can be slotted easily into routines. From their latest skincare/suncare hybrid Fave Fluid, through to their tinted SPF foundation Daydream Screen.

So it comes as no surprise that they’ve come up with a brilliant way to top-up your SPF on-the-go. Preen Screen SPF 50 Reapplication Mist ensures reapplication is as effortless as a mid-day refresh. Ideal for maintaining protection over makeup or bare skin, its lightweight formula sets seamlessly, leaving no residue. Packed with antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients, it goes beyond mere sun defence. It hydrates, revitalizes, and preps the skin. Carry it in your purse, and you’re set for every sun-drenched adventure.

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