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New Home Scents
New Home Scents
Having become stalwarts in the fragrance and beauty worlds, some of our go-to brands are now turning their attention to home scents: if WE smell good, surely the spaces we live in (and now, so often work in) should follow suit? Elevating everything from dishwashing liquid to scent diffusers, here are five of the most recent launches to know about.
Diptyque La Droguerie collection

Few brands could make household maintenance feel this elegant, yet that is exactly what Diptyque have pulled off with their La Droguerie collection, featuring sophisticated versions of daily home necessities. There are six products in the range, including a dishwashing liquid, a multi-surface spray and a lotion for treating leather and wood, all housed in chic (and refillable) glass packaging. We’re particularly fond of the pretty ceramic medallion, perfumed with cedarwood and lavender, which imparts a cosy and warm fragrance to your wardrobe as well as repelling moths. 

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MĀ Home Ceramic Diffuser

, whose name means ‘the space within the space’ in Japanese, is a new brand that specialises in blending essential oils that are designed to improve our wellbeing, addressing issues including concentration, deeper sleep and greater vitality. At the centre of the range is their beautifully designed ultrasonic ceramic diffuser that looks more like a chic vase than a piece of technology. It has been designed to allow you to fully customise how you’d like the scent dispersed and boasts a range of settings, including the option of having white and coloured lights, different run times and mist intensities.

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Bamford Garden Diffusers

Bamford have been elevating homeware for the last few years and their new Garden Diffusers, available in wisteria, rose, lavender, white iris and lily of the valley, are inspired by the scents of a classic English summer garden and can be enjoyed individually or combined to conjure up a heady flowerbed in bloom. Each bottle green glass diffuser is made in England in a carbon neutral factory and you simply top up the scent via a glass bottle refill once you’ve run out.

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Byredo Infra Luna

Byredo doesn’t do things by halves and their foray into the world of home fragrance can, quite literally, be described as a piece of art. Having teamed up with renowned Parisian light artist Benoit Lalloz, the result is the Infra Luna, an ultra-luxurious limited-edition scent and light diffuser. By slotting one of Byredo’s candles into the holder, the industrial-chic lamp melts the wax, while a tinted candle cap (you can switch between red, blue or chrome hues) emits a warm wash of colour throughout the room, creating a wholly multi-sensory experience. At £1,790, it’s certainly indulgent, but as only a very limited number were made, few could deny it’s a unique collectible addition to the category.

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Santa Maria Novella I Profumi del Mondo collection

Few brands stand the test of time, but this storied Florentine apothecary recently released their I Profumi del Mondo (‘The Scents of the World’) collection in celebration of their 800th anniversary. Comprising five diffusers for five continents – Africa, Asia, Oceania, America and Europa – the collection pays homage to the wealth of olfactory inspiration each corner of the globe has to offer. Our pick? Asia, a refined blend of lotus flower, freesia and Japanese citron and guaiacum woods.

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