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Five Products We’re Adding To Our Routine For Better Sleep
Five Products We’re Adding To Our Routine For Better Sleep
It's World Sleep Day, which is a great moment to reassess your bedtime routines and habits. If like us, you've been struggling to get enough deep, restful sleep, these five new products are sure to help.
The Noise Blockers: Loop Ear Plugs, £19.95

Quality of sleep matters just as much as quantity. Ear plugs are a non-negotiable for light sleepers – and if you live in a city (or with a snorer) and aren’t already a nightly earplug wearer, we implore you to give them a go.

As with most things, you can spend anywhere between £1-£100+ on a pair of earplugs – the latter involving a trip to a hearing clinic to get a pair moulded to your exact ear shape. The result is brilliant but the price makes losing one particularly galling. Up until recently, the earplug market has been distinctly “un-sexy” but Loop have changed all that with their modern, sleek and discreet designs that comes in a range of colours. They do three types – Quiet (for sleep), Engage (to reduce noise sensitivity in social settings and Experience (to reduce damaging levels of noise in settings like live music).

Many ear plugs fall out during the night but thanks to their design, these stay put, blocking out -27dB of sounds that would usually disrupt your night. Peace at last!

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The Supplement For Sounder Sleep: ARTAH'S Sleep Tonic £32

Fans – including actress Lily James who recently declared that she’s never without it – swear by ARTAH’s Sleep Tonic to help them switch off and sleep through the night. Containing powerful organic botanicals including valerian and California poppy, you add it to water or tea or take it neat 30 minutes before bedtime.

It works by reducing anxiety and calming the nervous system, thereby ensuring you sleep through the night, without waking up feeling drowsy. If you’re struggling to get to sleep, find yourself kicking around restlessly in the early hours, or are travelling across time zones, consider it an essential must-have.

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The Calm-Inducing Spray: ilāpothacary Dream Space Room Spray, £31

ilāpothecary has already got a best-selling room fragrance (their Beat The Blues Room Spray beloved by Jodie Comer and Demi Moore), so we were excited when we heard they were launching their Dream Space Room Spray this World Sleep Day.

The aim was to create a soothing scent that promotes feeling of peace and relaxation. Excitingly they’ve done it without using the standard notes of lavender that have become so ubiquitous in other sleep sprays. Instead it’s an altogether more sophisticated affair thanks to the incredible mix of scents including Vetiver, to cool and calm the mind, Patchouli to soothe tension and sleep-promoting Spikenard.

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The Tension-Busting Duo: Dreem Seeding Treatment from Dreem Distillery & Sarah Bradden, £90

CBD rooted brand Dream Distillery and health practitioner Sarah Bradden are both masters in their own right when it comes to being able to increase feelings of calm in their customers and clients, so this is undoubtedly a dream (pun intended) collaboration.

Together, they’ve combined two of their most effective calming solutions: Sarah’s crystal ear seeding and Dream Distillery‘s best-selling Bed Balm. You can either book to have the 20-minute treatment at Hershesons with Sarah throughout March or if you’d rather DIY at home, you can opt to buy the duo on Dream Distillery’s website.

Ear seeding is one of Sarah’s USPs and it helps to stimulate the key organs and systems within the body that are responsible for aiding feelings of calm. The Bed Balm is a potent muscle-relaxing salve made with arnica extract and lavender alongside their broad-spectrum CBD to relieve tension. It’s brilliant for relieving any muscular pain and when applies to key areas like the temples and behind the ears it helps to melt away tension and stress.

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The Key To Beauty Sleep: Jane Darcy's Luxury Silk Sleep Mask & Sets, €50-€155

It’s not just babies that need blackout level darkness, as Independent Sleep Expert Dr Neil Stanley explains, “we’ve all been taught to avoid blue light before bedtime but in reality, any light at night is bad for you. As low as 6 lumens can be disruptive to your sleep. To put that into context, a single candle one metre away from you would be 10 lumens.”

To combat this, we love Irish brand Jane Darcy’s Luxury Silk Eye Mask, which is made using the highest quality 22 momme 100% pure mulberry silk, so it not only blocks out any disruptive light but it also protects the delicate skin around your eyes  while you sleep. You can buy it alone for €50 but they also do lovely Luxury Silk Sleep Sets, €155 that include the mask, a matching silk pillowcase (brilliant for keeping your hair and skin healthy), silk scrunchies and their Tranquility candle. Sleeping never felt so good.

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