Insider Interviews: Dr Sohère Roked: Hormone Doctor

Renowned for being one of the UK's leading hormone & integrative doctors, Dr Sohère strikes that elusive private practitioner balance: an ability to pioneer new ways of treating patients; deeply knowledgeable; & yet wonderfully down to earth. Here we talk to her about her career & find out her ultimate happy hormone health tips.e

by Amy Wilson Wyles
  • The Resume

  • Job Title: Hormone and Integrative Medical Doctor

  • Location: OMNIYA and online

  • Famous For: Being “The Hormone Whisperer”

  • Years in the Industry: Over 18 years

The Backstory

I first decided to specialise in integrative medicine and hormonal health because as a GP and hospital doctor, I felt I could only help my patients by giving drugs. I knew there must be another way and got interested in alternative treatments and lifestyle and the mind and body connection. I then learnt about the importance of hormones and realised they truly are the foundation of health. This led me to develop a specialist interest in hormonal health.

I truly believe in the power of the mind and how stress can create physical illness. There is a whole field called Psycho Neuro Immunology looking at this. An example of this, is if there are high levels of stress hormones like cortisol, it can cause high oestrogen or cause hormone replacement therapy to work less effectively. I often advise patients to incorporate lifestyle changes for their mind, such as meditation, gratitude journaling or breathing exercises. Health occurs outside of the consultation room too.

The obvious, more traditional signs of hormonal imbalances in women are irregular periods or heavy periods, however it can be more subtle like mood changes and fluctuating energy and brain fog. Focus and concentration can vary, and feeling overwhelmed or easily stressed can also be a sign. Sleep disturbance can be a sign also.

I think it is key for women to keep a track of their cycle, in terms of mood, energy, focus, brain fog and sleep. Once you have done this for a few months you will be able to see the patterns and know where the key issues are in your cycle, or be able to see changes when they happen as you are familiar with your cycle and what is normal for you.

The next big topic in integrative health will see more people tracking their sugars as this is also key to age management and balancing your hormones. There will be a drive towards personalised medicine and gene testing which is something I already do, but I see it getting more popular.

The Advice

The 5 best tests you can have to get a clear picture of your health:

  1. Hormone testing – if you learn about your hormones now then you have an idea of how they change throughout life when you re-test them. A baseline of your hormones including female hormones, stress hormones, thyroid and insulin levels and all are part of my signature Hormones MOT Program.
  2. Telomere or Glycan Ageing – these tests will predict how we will age and help us make changes to improve longevity.
  3. Genomic testing – this gives you your ‘blue print’ so you know what conditions or illnesses you are prone to. With this information, you can change your diet accordingly and take supplements that are personalised for you.
  4. Gut health testing – learning about your microbiome can be a huge benefit to improving health. Health starts in the gut and improving gut health can improve mood, energy, and even many chronic conditions.
  5. Personalised vitamin and mineral testing – I do this already with patients, and it is really useful to see your deficiencies and personalise your supplement plan.

The Kit

  1. Wild Nutrition Ashwagandha – amazing for calming stress
  2. Vitamin D – boosts skin, immune system
  3. Wild Nutrition Magnesium – essential for a good night’s sleep
  4. Biocare Methyl B Complex – for energy and mood and helps process my hormones
  5. Sensate – a pebble sized vibrating device which sits on your chest and really helps to calm the vagus nerve and reduce anxiety and stress. I use it most mornings and evenings as a meditation tool.

The Experts

Hairdresser:  I go to Mathieu Simo Avery Row, Mayfair.

Hair colourist: Mathieu Simo – he knows my hair and is fabulous at what he does.

Blowdry/Hair Treatment: Mathieu Simo again, he’s responsible for my big bouncy blow dry!

Facialist: OMNIYA – I love the laser facial and HydraFacial

Dermatologist/Skin Doctor: N/A

Workout Spot/Exercise Class: Eqvvs London – where I see my personal trainer and lift weights. Frame London – my dance classes with Vincent are my favourite!

Manicurist/Pedicurist: Mo and Anila at Mathieu Simo again – it’s a one stop shop! They are so accommodating

Eyelashes/Brows: I do my eyebrows myself, my mum was a beautician and taught me how to wax them when I was 13!

Favourite Spa Destination: I’ve recently discovered Akasha Holistic Wellbeing at Café Royal, the treatments are divine and so is the pool and spa area. Saunas in particular are really powerful for detoxing. A real find in the city.


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