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  • Glossier Stretch Face Brush

Glossier Stretch Face Brush


Launched alongside Glossier's Stretch Fluid Foundation is this brilliant brush. It is equally impressive and has already made a permanent home for itself in our makeup bag. Designed for seamless application, it's a densely-packed curved brush that ensures even distribution, optimal coverage, and minimises wastage. Its ergonomic  shape is tailored to access those hard-to-reach areas, achieving a flawless finish every time. We also love the fact that you can twist it back in so its kept clean in your makeup bag.

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Press and hold the button to swivel, open and close.
Buff up + out to seamlessly blend foundation into skin.
Use targeted tip for hard-to-reach areas.

Made with undyed synthetic hair


  • Ergonomic shape for easy, flawless foundation application
  • Handy swivel cover
  • Vegan
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