Zoltan Texture Expert

Central London & Paris


Destino Says...

Forget everything you think you know about hair straightening. Hailing from Hungary but taking inspiration from techniques he’s picked up in Japan and Brazil (both homes of hair straightening), Zoltan has spent the last 15 years focusing solely on hair texture and how to improve it.

A consultation begins with a thorough look at the condition of your hair, how you usually style it and, vitally, how you’d ideally style it before he custom-blends a treatment that can fall anywhere between a deep conditioning mask or permanent straightening. Either way, he makes sure he uses formulas that won’t damage your hair and can completely tailor results to suit you. Crazy, curly hair that you never want to have to blow-dry straight again? No problem. Malnourished hair that you want to be able to swish again? Done. Off on holiday and want to be able to air-dry natural waves without ending up with a mass of frizz? Easy. Which is why Zoltan is the only person every beauty editor we know trusts with their hair.



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