Twenty Two Training

West London


Destino Says...

All sessions here are one-to-one, which inevitably means that you feel obliged to train harder than ever. Founder Dalton Wong – the man who trains Jennifer Lawrence and a host of other celebrities – places heavy emphasis on ensuring that physiologically your body is in full working order, so workouts are paired with treatments like soft-tissue massage, kinesiology and physiotherapy in their clinic.

The result? Locked muscles are released and old injuries are seen to, improving your ability to not only complete but recover well from their muscle-whipping training sessions. They also have specific treatments to rid you of recurring pain, like Neck and Head Relief, which involves massaging the tiny little muscles in your neck that can cause headaches and Spine Reboot to target the lower back pain, tightness and tension that so many of us suffer from. The final key to their holistic approach is to tackle your diet and there’s a nutritionist on hand to devise and clean up any bad eating habits. Converts love Wong’s approach and the fact that thanks to his book, tension bands and gliders, they’re able to keep up the routine at home and on holiday.


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