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Destino Says...

It was while managing the spa at KX that beauty therapist Laura Fergeson discovered the skincare benefits of LED and saw how popular it was amongst clients. At the time, it was a new treatment and came with a hefty price tag so when best friend Hannah Measures, an advertising and events expert pointed out the growing trend for beauty bars, they decided to open London’s first LED Facial Bar in Harvey Nichols and partnerships with Selfridges, Cowshed, Hershesons (and Nordstrom in America) have quickly followed.

The result is a modern facial clinic with a varied menu depending on your skin type, time and budget. Twenty-five minute LED sessions see you sitting in a chic chair while the therapist cleanses your skin, selects the correct LED for you (blue is great for breakouts, yellow for inflammation, red for collagen stimulation and near infrared for deeper rejuvenation) and finishes with a lovely express facial massage. From there, you can add peels, deep cleanses, gel masks, massages and micro needling (to name only a few) – so you can leave feeling like you’ve either had a quick boost or comprehensive facial. While you can see the difference after one 20 minute session, book a course of three or more and you quickly start to see lasting impact – skin feels clearer, looks more radiant and issues like sensitivity and breakouts are noticeably minimised.


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