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Sarah Bradden is one of London’s most in-demand and talked about practitioners and for good reason. Famed for her tightening and toning facial treatments that leave you looking AND feeling better thanks to her marvellous mix of traditional and modern expertise. Having trained in reflexology, reiki, massage and cosmetic acupuncture, The Bradden Method has seen her pour all of her learnings, gleaned from over twenty years of work, and cherry-picking the most effective treatments from each discipline to come up with her own, unique method.

At first, there was only one treatment: The Bradden Method but she now has The Bradden Method Boost. They are similar but the boost is a shorter 40-45 minute version designed to be used as a stand-alone treatment or in-between the longer sessions. Both involve a health overview with Sarah (including a fascinating tongue reading) before she sets to work deploying an arsenal of healing modalities: deftly inserting acupuncture needles (which we barely even felt); an activated Oxygen mask that amongst other things helps to increase healing, aids digestion, supports your metabolism and improves sleep quality; LED light therapy to reduce wrinkles, heal scar tissue, calm acne and stimulate circulation; noise-cancelling headphones that play meditative music and finally ear seeding, which sees pretty gold or jewelled acupressure studs applied to key points around the ear. Both treatments are transformative, healing and deeply memorable. Book in with Bradden herself if you can afford to (both financially and time-wise since she gets booked up weeks in advance) or see one of her excellently trained therapists, Makiko and Britt.

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