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Nestled in the heart of Knightsbridge, Surrenne has immediately set a new standard for luxury wellness. Part of the Maybourne Hotel Group, Surrenne is an exclusive hotel spa and members’ club located beneath the newly built all-suite The Emory hotel (which is also attached to The Berkeley Hotel). It covers a vast and sprawling 2,000 square meters across four subterranean floors, all masterminded by FaceGym founder and beauty powerhouse, Inge Theron.

Membership fees at Surrenne are as exclusive as the experiences it offers, with an annual cost of £10,000, plus a £5,000 joining fee. Yet, this hefty price tag comes with unparalleled access to elite wellness technologies, experts and facilities. The club boasts a 22-meter pool with gold leaf strips along the walls designed to reflect the daylight from the skylight above. There’s even underwater music that members can personalise with bespoke playlists while they swim. Alongside are double bed pool cabanas, and the most beautiful sauna and steam room. All of the spa areas are enhanced with AI-driven music that never repeats the same sound twice.

Treatments have been curated by Inge, and she’s pooled her years of knowledge and travel to curate “the largest massage menu in the UK. I’ve taken all of my wellbeing experience and time living around the world and chosen all of my favourite elements,” explained Inge. The result is specifically tailored massage rooms – one with a heated Onyx bed, another with contraptions that allow therapists to stretch tired limbs and even walk lightly along your spine. Facials at Surrenne include treatments designed by  STELLA by Stella McCartney and NYC Surgeon Dr. Devgan and an exclusive FaceGym Body Treatment that’s launching later this month.

If Surrenne stopped there, it would be impressive enough but a floor down, the fitness offerings at Surrenne are equally headline worthy. There’s a fully equipped gym where you can do EMS training, a gym cart that can be delivered to your room and a studio with a floor-to-ceiling HD screen that allows instructors to do fully immersive classes with any backdrop. Then there’s the fitness jewel in Surrenne’s crown: the UK’s first and sole Tracy Anderson studio, complete with her signature suspended bouncy floors (they make the workout harder) and 95°F with 75% humidity heated studio. Resistance bands hang from the ceiling to challenge the body in new ways and members can take up to 12 of Anderson’s high-energy classes annually, with additional sessions available for a £40 fee.

Surrenne’s commitment to high-tech luxury extends to the changing rooms equipped with Toto toilets, Dyson hairdryers, and sleek onyx countertops. Lockers are adorned with rattan and wood, members receive a custom monogrammed Alo yoga set as an initiation gift and an Alice Temperley robe. Laundry isn’t something you need to worry about, you leave all of your things and they launder them for you between visits – they even tailor-pick beauty products to leave in your locker so that you don’t need to worry about forgetting your favourite moisturiser at home. An unsung hero amongst all of the highlights are the two bespoke scents of body wash, soap and body cream that Inge has had designed; both so moreish that we’d consider joining just to smell like them.

But the offering doesn’t end there. For those seeking a comprehensive approach to wellness, Surrenne offers blood tests and fitness assessments by concierge doctors from 3 Peaks Health, creating personalised wellness plans that may include dietary adjustments, supplements to perfect your circadian rhythms and exercise routines tailored to individual health needs.

The spa cafe has a menu curated by nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson, featuring dishes like grilled salmon with kale and tahini yogurt, superfood-packed energy bites and innovative “skin and tonic” mocktails designed to enhance beauty from within.

“This is a new paradigm of wellness,” explained Theron. “Everything is customised. This is for people who really care about their longevity who are looking for peak performance. They want to be able to travel extensively and still perform and lead their best life. We will treat you like an elite athlete. It’s human optimisation and damage limitation but catered to real life, and you can still enjoy yourself too.”


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