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A quick glance through our Insider Interviews and one name seems to crop up more frequently than any other: Suman Jalaf – who is arguably now London’s most in-demand brow expert – and her takeover is quickly becoming global thanks to regular pop-ups in places like Dubai, Antigua and Abu Dhabi. The good news for Londonites is that you can find her at Prima Lashes in Chelsea, or in both of Hersheson’s flagship stores.

While microblading and semi-permanent make-up is one of the reasons people flock to see her, she started threading brows aged 13, so her brow shapes and tints are also legendary. A consultation with her has helped to correct many an over-plucked brow or bad lash lift.

Her no nonsense style and highly trained eye mean that you’re never in the dark about what needs doing and her ability to add a hair stroke here and a hair stroke there to balance features is astounding.

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