Skin Laundry

Central London


Destino Says...

Having become a favourite beauty pit-stop of ours in the States – it launched there in 2013 and now has clinics across the US – we were overjoyed when Skin Laundry finally made the leap to London (it’s also now in Hong Kong too).

Situated in Soho, Founder Yen Rais is so convinced that you’ll love her skin clearing and boosting mix of YAG laser and IPL, that all first treatments are £50 (in the early years they were free). And because they use a gentle YAG laser that only works on the upper dermis, there is no downtime, making it one of our go-to lunchtime treats.

Once you’ve removed your makeup with a wipe, the therapist sets to work with the YAG laser, which helps to stimulate collagen and clear any debris from your cells. It gets passed over your face twice and while it isn’t painful, it isn’t relaxing either (although their chic treatment rooms make it feel more pampering rather than overtly medical). Next up are pulses of IPL, which helps to reduce any redness and pigmentation and kill bad spot-forming bacteria – a key element of their treatment as Rais came up with the idea for Skin Laundry after she battled post-natal acne.

The result? Surprisingly clearer skin that looks brighter and more alive. So if you want to tap into the results gentle lasers and light can have without having to remortgage your house, this is one of the best places to try.


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