Ross J. Barr

Central & West London


Destino Says...

Those in the know swear by Barr to realign their soul and body. He uses the Five Element theory from Chinese medicine, which says that the spirit, body and mind are made up of water, wood, metal, earth and fire and all need to be in perfect balance to achieve wellbeing. As a result, clients love seeing him at the turn of each season to ensure they’re physically and mentally prepared for the strains each season can bring (one of his regulars claims her hay fever has all but gone having seen him).

But it’s also his work on female and male fertility that sets him apart and he works closely alongside some of London’s leading fertility doctors and clinics to tailor programs to each client or couple. If this is an area that you’d like to see him for, book in on Wednesdays and Thursdays, where you can find him doing acupuncture, counselling and consulting at the regarded gynaecology and obstetric practice, Claire Mellon & Associates in Great Portland Street.

Sessions begin with a thorough consultation before he sets to work applying his German-engineered gold needles from the feet up. You can feel them but the sensation isn’t awful and he has an uncanny knack of pointing out underlying niggles as he goes along. To carry on his good work post appointment, or for those wanting a bit of Barr magic at home, he now has a range of patches and supplements too.


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