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In the heart of Nine Elms and under the guidance of co-founders Dr. Nima, an aesthetics and wellness expert, and integrative medicine specialist Yasmin, Remedi London combines cutting-edge medical therapies with traditional aesthetic and wellness practices, creating a comprehensive approach to wellbeing.

The clinic’s design reflects its philosophy: clean, open spaces that encourage calm and recovery. Here, wellness isn’t just treated; it’s tailored. From cryotherapy and infrared saunas to osteopathy and IV vitamin infusions, Remedi London offers a curated menu of services designed to optimise your health.

Our session began with emerald laser fat burning. This non-invasive procedure was both gentle and effective, you lie and the therapist positions the arch-shaped laser over your stomach and the green lights get to work. You can’t feel anything and long-term results require several sessions and a tailored workout plan alongside. Next up was th brisk and bracing cryotherapy chamber, an invigorating experience that primed us for the next step – a 45 minute infrared sauna.

Dr. Nima explained the inspiration behind Remedi London as a “lightbulb moment when I realised that aesthetics and wellness need to go hand in hand: to feel good on the outside, you need to feel good on the inside too.” Each visit is therefore designed to provide a building block towards not just looking better, but feeling better and living a more fulfilled life. Whether you’re recovering from city life, enhancing your physical appearance, or seeking emotional balance, Remedi London equips you with the right tools and expertise.

Ideal for anyone serious about integrating advanced health practices into their routine, Remedi London offers more than just temporary fixes – it’s about comprehensive, sustainable wellness and biohacking your mind and body towards a holistically healthy version of yourself.


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