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Destino Says...

If asked to design their ideal barbershop, most men would probably dream up something close to Pankhurst. Despite having moved locations (from their original Savile Row salon to Soho and back to Mayfair again) and set up in Dubai, they always manage to create a certain je ne sais quoi ambiance that is part barbershop, part speakeasy, which makes it feel more like an elite gentleman’s club than a place to merely get a shave or haircut.

Founded by Vidal Sassoon alumni Brent Pankhurst and Joann Gowland (Pankhurst’s right hand barber for over 20 years), every detail has been designed to delight: from their bespoke Bentley leather upholstered chairs to their own line of bay rum and lime-scented products. Which explains why you’re just as likely to find yourself next to a sports star as you are a global CEO. The shaves here are excellent – opt for their deluxe shave if time is on your side or kill two birds with one stone and pop in for one of their cut and shave packages.


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