Nataliya Robinson

West London


Destino Says...

Nataliya’s contact details have been secretly traded across half of London. As soon as you step into her treatment room off the Fulham Road, it’s easy to see why: it feels like an elegant bolthole from city life and her warm disposition and huge array of knowledge (she’s trained in naturopathic nutrition, TCM and lymphatic drainage) means that she can employ a wide range of tricks and treatments. As a result, facials are entirely changed to suit you and become completely unique.

It’s this mixing of old and new techniques that makes a facial with her feel like no stone has been left unturned. Dull skin? She might do some light microdermabrasion. Looking a bit puffy? She’ll follow with an incredible massage. Lacking energy and wanting to get rid of stubborn breakouts? Here’s some targeted acupuncture. Her own battles as a teenager with acne means that those with problem skin swear by her, saying she’s the only person they’ve found who not only really understands the demoralising impact it can have but delivers tangible results quickly. Her personal tailoring has also led to her devising facials linked to lifestyle – resulting in her offering London’s first fully Vegan Facial.

It’s of little surprise then that her rare, fully holistic approach has led to her becoming known as The Skin Whisperer and developing her own, long-awaited range of products (which she has been hand blending, refining and using on clients for years).



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