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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, KOBOX must be feeling the love. Their original Chelsea outpost (they subsequently moved a few doors down) was the very first boutique boxing gym in the UK and its huge success has seen many follow their lead.

Forget the distinctly average Boxercise class at your local gym: this is a seriously satisfying workout in an Instagram-worthy studio. Their hardcore sessions are designed to increase strength, coordination and burn shed-loads of calories and appeal to both guys and girls alike, with many a celebrity calling it their favourite workout. Each 50 minute class comprises a warm-up (invariably using a jump rope), and then alternating stints of bag work and strength training using moves like pull-ups, push-ups and resistance bands. Their slick, shiny aqua-filled punching bags look more like props for a magazine shoot than boxing bags and you get your own KOBOX wraps to keep, while gloves are available to borrow. Be warned: it’s seriously addictive. Personalised gloves are suddenly at the top of our present list.


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