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Having a client list that includes Sienna Miller, Poppy Delevingne, Iris Law and Paloma Faith, Natasha Clancy is fast becoming known for her range of treatments that completely transform the skin.

Ensconced in her pretty room, which is located on the fourth floor of a building on the corner of Hanover Square, she talked us through her serious bits of kit. Utilising some of the best pieces of technology, including the Lutronic thulium laser (for which she is the global ambassador), Clancy explained that she is able to tailor every treatment precisely to each client, in order to deliver skin-changing results after just a single session. There are therefore various options: the prime three are her ‘Signature‘ treatment, which includes a Hydra Facial, radio frequency, LED and micro-needling; ‘Glaze‘, which is great for late 20s skin or pre-event as it uses a lower level of laser and offers no downtime, ‘Flawless‘ which is her completely bespoke treatment; and Baby Face, which uses the laser on a higher setting than Glaze. But in reality, everything can be tailored to you depending on your precise aims – and this being laser, your appetite for downtime. The result is that if you see her more than once, you’re unlikely to have exactly the same treatment each time.

After a consultation, we ended up having the Baby Face treatment, which involves using the Lutronic laser to make tiny micro-channels in the skin’s surface, meaning that it can absorb up to 90% of the serums that you then apply to it, as opposed to the standard 5%. Skin is resurfaced, helping to boost collagen levels and dramatically improving the appearance of sun damage, acne scarring and fine lines.

Once your skin has been cleansed, Clancy applies a topical numbing cream, before you’re left to bask in the rays of an LED lamp and calming meditative music. Then comes the laser part – while tailored to you, Clancy tends to start the Baby Face facial on a level 7 (for reference, Glaze is levels 1-2 and for hardcore regulars she has been known to go up to an eye-watering level 20). Thanks to the numbing cream, it’s not painful per se, instead it feels like a warm wand passing over the skin. A patch of stubborn sun damage got blasted at a higher level but the whole process was over in under 5 minutes. Cooling gel wands are then passed over a nurturing hyaluronic sheet mask before she applies the bespoke serum most suited to your skin (in our case, Vitamin C) and a layer of SPF.

Whilst Clancy bills this treatment has having minimal downtime, there are some things to note. Firstly, it depends on how your particular skin reacts, with some waltzing out with zero redness or a slight flush for an hour and others (like us) looking like a cross tomato for several hours post treatment. For this reason, as a precaution we’d recommend booking for when you aren’t having to see anyone important immediately afterwards. The next day, your skin begins to feel a bit dry and tight with a texture that feels like very fine sandpaper for the following 5-7 days. You can’t wear foundation for at least 48 hours afterwards and instead should aim to flood the skin with the bespoke serum (that stings slightly) twice a day.

Which may all feel like a bit of a faff…but – and it’s a big but – by day 7 your skin looks clearer, glossier and smoother than it will have done in years. Results pop around day 10 but continue for weeks afterwards. We found that for the first time since our early 20s, we really didn’t need to wear foundation at all – instead a few strategic dots of concealer around the eyes, nose and chin were all that was needed to give the polished finish we’d become used to foundation providing.

Yes, it’s a journey – a slightly nerve-wracking one the first time around, especially if you’re a laser novice, and sure, there’s a bit more aftercare to consider than a run-of-the-mill facial. But the results are worth it. It’s one of the stand-out treatments we’ve tried. Hello, flawless skin.


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