Jivita Ayurveda

North West London


Destino Says...

Jivita Ayurveda is one of our favourite hidden wellness spots in London. They may only have two small treatment rooms located off their Ayurvedic shop – but their detoxes, facials and massages are amongst the best we’ve tried (which is why wellness insider Jasmine Hemsley lists it as one of her favourite spots in London).

With Ayurveda taking such a holistic approach to our health, founder Anu knew she wanted to combine both the apothecary and dietary side of Ayurveda with expert-led treatments including Abhyanga (a heavenly whole body massage – including a lovely facial massage –  that’s deep enough to work away tension but relaxing enough to feel like you’ve been on holiday), Shiroabyanga, where hot oil is poured continuously onto the forehead to aid deep relaxation and the blissful foot-focused Padabhyanga. Book to see Anu herself or the equally wonderful Tilda and opt if you can for the wonderfully indulgent 90 minute massages.

Wellness is also paramount here and they offer two and ten day detox programs – as well as being able to design one just for you. Oil enemas, colonics and detoxing powder massages are the order of the day as well as a carefully prescribed selection of herbs and foods to eat at home. While the time commitment is significant (you’re ideally in for some form of treatment each day), results according to past clients are “life-changing”.


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