Gazelli House

West London


Destino Says...

There’s a strong chance that you may have already seen pictures of Gazelli’s instagram-worthy interiors. Thankfully its style is backed up by serious wellbeing substance: founded by Dr Zarifa Hamzayeva, a doctor of genetics and preventative medicine and her daughter, Jamila Askarova, who has helped formulate their best-selling skincare range, a trip to Gazelli feels like a refuge from city life.

Once in the treatment room, your assigned specialist runs through one of the most detailed consultations we’ve experienced, which takes a holistic approach to wellbeing by asking questions about your physical and mental health. It doesn’t feel prying but instead questions like: “how in control of your life do you feel on a scale of 1-10?” do make you stop and evaluate your current emotional status and the knock-on impact it could be having on your skin and body.

Facials here are meticulous and they offer a wide range of therapies and add-ons, like abdominal massage (since our gut is so linked to our skin’s health) alongside medical grade peels and microdermabrasion. Body treatments are equally compelling but it’s the addition of several Specialist Treatments including Reiki, hypno-massage and life coaching that makes Gazelli a true one-stop wellbeing destination. Their expertise and attention to detail for all of aspects of a client’s life, means that things like their Pregnancy Massage really stand out (it’s also the only pre-natal massage we’ve found where you aren’t forced into weird side positions and can lie on your back thanks to a pre-natal water cushion that feels like floating on a warm cloud).

For those looking for more than a one-off treatment, their Wellbeing Program can be completely tailored to you depending on your time, budget and overall aims, with a heavenly mix of treatments designed to help you achieve your goals.


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