Flavia Morellato


Destino Says...

Sessions with Flavia are notoriously hard to get (she gets booked up months in advance). Why? Her signature lymphatic drainage technique that she learnt in her home country Brazil. A quick flick through her instagram and it’s easy to see what all the fuss is about – ribs that have been hidden under sluggish digestion are revealed, legs de-puffed and pre-natal discomfort eased.

IRL, Flavia is complete joy – modest, happy yet fiercely proud of the changes she’s able to bring about in clients, whether they’re celebrities or newbies she’s just met. Her enthusiasm for lymphatic drainage is unparalleled and it was her disbelief that people in the UK hadn’t started investing in regular drainage massages like nearly all women do back in Brazil that compounded her desire to train and start working her magic here.

As will all lymphatic drainage treatments, be prepared for the slightly awkward moment where she casts her eye over you. Not in a judgemental way but to enable her to study any areas that may need some extra help. Once that’s done, the treatment itself is both relaxing and invigorating – her party trick at the end of massaging one leg and asking you to compare with the un-massaged leg how easy it is to lift has to be see to be believed. It’s also worth asking her to take before pictures of your stomach – her gentle but rhythmic tummy massage gets your digestive system moving, enabling her to carve out hip bones and ribs like a professional excavator. ¬†We also recommend her for anyone post-surgery – be that for health reasons or cosmetic – she specialises in draining away excess swelling that helps aids recovery.


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