Eve Kalinik

West London


Destino Says...

Prior to becoming one of London’s most respected health experts, Eve spent 13 years working in PR before leaving her job as PR Director at Karla Otto to focus on her passion for nutrition. As a result, she understands only too well the pressures and time constraints city living can bestow and approaches each new patient with a holistic eye. Medical tests such as hormone screening, saliva or digestive analysis often follow to allow her to get a full picture of your health. Famously, she doesn’t believe in diets and instead will work with you (sometimes even visiting your home to overhaul food cupboards and offer one-on-one cookery lessons) in a bid to break life-long bad habits or remedy symptoms like tiredness and bad skin.

Her firm belief that what you put in is what you get out also means she’ll cast her eye over your skincare – with the aim being to not use anything on your skin that you wouldn’t also be able to eat. Her expertise has made her popular with both patients and brands alike and she is often asked to consult with diet companies, juice companies and editorial publications. See her in Notting Hill at Young LDN or book a session over Zoom.


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