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Destino Says...

In a city brimming with dental expertise, Dr Richard Clinics, led by Dr Richard Marques and his brilliant team stand out. Renowned for their expertise in teeth whitening, correction, and general dentistry, Dr. Richard’s clinic has become a magnet for those seeking impeccable oral health and aesthetics, and this includes a roster of celebrity clients including Rita Ora, Amelia Spencer and Winnie Harlow.

The clinic itself is discreet and Dr Richard immediately puts you at ease. His approach combines the latest in dental technology with a reassuring attentiveness. Whether it’s his renowned teeth whitening services, more complex corrective treatments, or just routine dental check-ups, each patient is given exceptional treatment and Dr Richard and his team. They are great at emphasising preventative strategies that are as much about education as they are about treatment and this holistic approach ensures that clients leave not only looking better but also armed with the knowledge to maintain their dental health at home.

Our experience began with a thorough consultation, underscoring Dr Richard’s commitment to tailored dental care, including X-Rays, a 3D Scan and full clean. Opting for the popular teeth whitening session, we were impressed by the swift and painless procedure that followed – two rounds of 10 minutes under the light with whitening gel applied to our teeth. The result? A noticeably brighter smile that genuinely lived up to the hype. A few days later and our custom moulded at-home trays arrive, enabling easy maintenance at home.

A clinic that does way more than polishing up a celebrity smile, it’s perfect for anyone who values expert care in a soothing environment.


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