Dimple Amani

South West London


Destino Says...

We are huge fans of lymphatic drainage, so when we heard whisperings about Dimple’s amazing treatments and results, we were excited to find out more.

With her methodology based on both her extensive Ayurvedic training and knowledge of the lymphatic system, Dimple’s treatments are unique. Unlike other lymphatic drainage massages that can fall on the painful and unrelaxing side, she uses her own blend of candle-heated therapeutic oils that smell sublime, smoothing and draining the body from the ankles up using her hands and specially selected tools, with particular attention paid to the stomach and wherever a client stores the most water. They also take place in a sumptuous, candlelit room, making it undoubtedly the most relaxing and luxurious lymphatic treatment we’ve tried.

Afterwards, you’re given a glass teapot of her own delicious tea – a blend that took over two years to perfect and that’s designed to maximise results in-between sessions. ¬†We went home floating, with more sculpted abs and de-puffed limbs. Dimple also offers sculpting facials that her celebrity clients rave about.


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